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Why Rotate Tires?

Tires tend to wear unevenly. The front tires tend to wear on the outside edges because the tire leans over when you turn a corner. The rear tires don't turn at angles like the fronts, so they usually wear more evenly. If you leave tires in place, those outside edges on the front tires will wear down much faster than the rest. You'll have to replace the tires thousands of miles sooner. This however, can easily be prevented with rotations.

Rotations for most major brands of tires should be done around 7,500 miles, or every other oil change, whichever comes first. In some cases, you may have to realign the tires, but this is not usually necessary. You should always consult a professional technician as to see what you need each time.

Top 10 Maintenance Mistakes That Cause the Most Damage

Like the human body, ignoring even the smallest signs of trouble in your car's performance can lead to trouble down the road. And some missed signals cost more than others.

A new report by Corporation details exactly which maintenance mistakes can cause the most damage. Here they are:

The Top Ten

  1. Putting off recommended/scheduled maintenance.
  2. Ignoring the "check engine" light.
  3. Not changing the oil, or not having it changed on time.
  4. Not checking tire pressure.
  5. Neglecting coolant, brake, transmission and other fluid services.
  6. Continuing to drive when the vehicle is overheating.
  7. Not changing fuel and air filters.
  8. Having unqualified shops service your vehicle.
  9. Using substandard parts instead of original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-quality parts.
  10. Trying to service your own high-tech vehicle


In today's world, cars are mass produced by the thousands daily. It makes sense that car companies aren't going to get it right 100% of the time, and that's ok. You need not fear in light of a recall! Here are things about recalls you should know:
  1. You'll receive a letter in the mail. This is your official notification.
  2. Go to the dealership of which is listed on your letter. It's usually the one you bought the car from, or one close to you.
  3. Have the repair done. Depending on when you arrive and the people ahead of you, it may be best to get a ride home and come back later.

  1. It is a FREE REPAIR. Car companies will never charge you on a recall, and they shouldn't, as it is their mistake.
  2. Unless authorized, your local repair shop (that means us) isn't allowed to fix it. Rarely are repair shops licensed to do recall work.
  3. Don't delay! There is usually a deadline before you can no longer claim the recall service, normally between 60-90 days. This may vary per manufacturer.

What People Say About Us

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    We have used them several times and are very pleased. They are honest, courteous, and also will run you home and pick you up when your vehicle is repaired. Very thankful they were recommended to me. An asset to Mint Hill.

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    I had to get a tire patched yesterday. I had already changed the spare, so I just dropped off the bad tire while I went about my day. Colton at the front desk was super friendly. When they were done, Colton called me. I came in, they installed the repaired tire, and even dug through all the gear in the back of my vehicle to replace the spare in the well. Great job, guys!!

  • reviewicon

    My go to place for auto and tire needs! Highly recommend!

  • reviewicon

    I've taken many of my vehicles here over the years, personal and business. My business depends on my truck being on the road running. Manchester has ALWAYS made sure that happens. Comparative prices, fast service and most important to me....trustworthy!!!! HIGHLY recommend!

  • reviewicon

    Great service, great value, fair and honest...what more can you ask for from and auto shop? Ken and Lex are informative, professional, accommodating and super friendly!

  • reviewicon

    Best mechanics I've been to! My genesis ended up having a faulty engine, they were super honest people and even handled my dealership on the phone since I just bought the car. 5 stars

  • reviewicon

    Manchester Auto is wonderful. My husband and I have been customers for over 23 years. He is honest and trustworthy which is, unfortunately, often unusual in mechanics and they don't try to "upsell" unnecessary work everytime you walk in. That applies to widows as my husband is now gone. You don't know how appreciative I am of Ken Manchester, Lex and the entire team for being great mechanics and great people. Thank you!

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    All repair work or maintenance on my vehicles is excellent. Well trained technicians, and very good customer service. Try these guys and you will be satisfied.

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